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·Selection method and basic principle of electromagnetic vibration system 


·US standard 810G noise test 


·Metrological verification standard of electromagnetic vibration table 


·Method for calculating overturning force distance of vibration table 



Environmental and reliability testing equipment full range of products, products in the aerospace, aviation, weapons, ships, electronics, automotive and other fields has been widely used.

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Glotech/Ling Electronics Limited is mainly engaged in vibration and noise test equipment development and production, foreign vibration and noise and impact test equipment agent; foreign vibration and noise, impact test equipment maintenance and vibration environment test.

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Beijing Ding Da Ling Electronics Co., Ltd. in the environment and reliability testing equipment manufacturing, research and development field is unique, strong technical strength, and has an experienced after-sales team, to win the market to provide a strong support.

Beijing Pindi Ling Electronics Co., Ltd. is inviting agents to join, to join hands in creating a better future.


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Need more information about Pieda Ling Electronics Co., Ltd.'s products and services? Please send an email or contact us by phone. Tel: 010-59771720 E-mail: aston@glotech.cn

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